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Lifestyle Management

The biggest killer in the world today, accounting for over 80% death worldwide, is not infection war or natural calamities but modern lifestyle. Lack of physical activity, obesity, high fat diet, stress and tension, alcohol and smoking are the lifestyle factors that innocently manifest themselves as High blood pressure, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia and other degenerative diseases(Arthritis, joint problems, obesity, Anxiety, Depression, cardiac, cancer etc. and then without warning strike fatally as Heart Attacks & Cancer.

Corporate health care as is now evolving is not simply a means of illness management rather it is a state of Wellness management, by means of preventive and primitive health care.

The impact of corporate wellness is in reducing Medicare costs & improving productivity and profits. Employers that have introduced wellness programs have seen decreases in absenteeism and sometimes a decrease in employee medical costs. These companies have seen intangible benefits, such as improved employees moral and higher employees productivity.

MindsEye Consultants is expert and experienced in corporate wellness management and Lifestyle management training.

Lifestyle Assessment & Correction – We help you in assessing your current well being state and how you can improve on it.

Yoga therapy and Meditation – Instructor led sessions to help employees get mentally fitter and stronger.

Fitness Management – Instructor led sessions to help your employees get physically fit.

Stress Management – Programs specifically designed to fit the needs of your employees, to help them reduce stress.

Diet and Nutrition – Employees seeking help wrt their diet will have a one-on-one session where the dietician helps create a diet plan

Counseling – Anonymous counseling sessions over the phone/face-to-face for employees seeking help.

Why Choose Us

      • Over 15 years of experience in Learning & Development in the field of Wellness
      • 100+ Happy Clients
      • Customer focused approach
      • No compromise on Integrity and Commitments
      • Highly qualified and decorated industry trainers

What Client’s Say

I am glad that I was part of such a useful program. I feel motivated to immediately implement the lifestyle changes I need.
Thanks a lot!
Vimanshu Singh
Stress Management Tips & Meditation Techniques were very good. I have attended many such programs but your techniques were practical, easy to implement on daily basis. I feel in control of my life. Thank you !!!
Sachin Sharma
I promised myself to adopt a healthy lifestyle but like every new years resolution, I broke that promise.
Your continuous support & supervision has helped me be fit & energetic. Hope you make such positive changes around the world!
Jitin Chand