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Feelings & Emotions

What are Emotions? EMOTIONS are an extremely significant aspect of one’s interpersonal style. Three important questions which need to be addressed, in order to use emotion-knowledge for improved interpersonal relationships are: What is your attitude toward emotions? Can you recognize your own as well other people’s emotions? Are you able to use emotions for effective [...]

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My One-minute List of 5 Common English Language Mistakes To Watch Out For!

(Post 1) As an English language fanatic, it's like I have been born with these auto-activation antennae that by default detect language mistakes, be it in the oral or written mode, whatever be the setting or mood. And now, I have decided to share in a series of short two-minute lists, these 'data feeds' I [...]

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Top 7 Reasons Why most of us Fail to meet our Goals

Every year we spend lot of time and energy for setting professional and personal goals. What actions have been taken towards accomplishing them? Do we even remember what the goals were? Its exiting to set them but very easy to put them on the shelf and forget about them until next year. Here are top [...]

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